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Lipotechnica is concerned with ethical and humanitarian issues, we have developed a special program that extends our philosophy.
Shortly, we will provide space in a humanitarian act program specifically designed for obesed women who wants to find their ideal body through an idealistic act.
Interested parties will have to allocate time to a 4-month program where they will undergo a hormone treatment of Oxytocine to promote the lactating activity and also undergo training in breast-feeding of children in famine stricken areas in Africa. The stay will take place on Lipotechnica newly created ecofriendly Spa Resort i Mozabique where participants will get the lucrative spa treatments with our own beauty products and discover the enchanting wildlife.
The program it constructed to give optimum results and the participants will undergo surveillance of nutritional experts, psychologists and personal trainers to promote a lasting change of  body and mind in the long term after the program.

Foodstock for Biodiesel

The Economist reported that the amount of corn raised for making ethanol has tripled in seven years. There is therefore less room for staple food products such as wheat and soy beans, which in turn raises the prices of those products. To fill up an SUV takes about as much corn as would be able to feed one person for an entire year.